Duels & Deception Quotes

She quite enjoyed the intensity of the stranger’s gaze whenever their eyes met, and her sudden shortness of breath was not in the least alarming. Perhaps she should cultivate more encounters with strangers if this were to be the result.

Had she been of the right disposition, she might have snapped at Mr. Newton for his uninformative conversation. She was now overburdened with thoughts of tardiness and broken wheels while her solicitor’s emissary thought nothing of being mysterious.

This whole state of affairs was nothing short of a disaster.

Frowning, Lydia plopped—very unladylike—onto the firm morning room settee.

Disaster. Her father would not appreciate the word’s use—too much emotion, smacked of an indecent amount of sensibility. 

"Might as well take the bull by the horns. Tomorrow it is.”

Lydia watched Lord Aldershot wend his way out of the garden, taking the west gate to the stables. She wasn’t too sure that she liked the analogy. A bull? Was she the bull or its horns? Neither sounded flattering.