Cut Scene From Duels & Deception

Duels & Deception will be launched in ONE month! In honour of the occasion, I give you a short cut scene that illustrates the contentious relationship between my MC, Lydia, and her Uncle Arthur.


It was a lament that Lydia had not meant to echo through Roseberry’s grand hall, but her temper had finally gotten the best of her and the words had slipped out. That was all, a simple reference to the recently retired old gentleman. Well, that and her incredulous tone when Uncle had announced the crop of choice for this year’s planting. Yes, such a horrid mood for two small comments. Well, she had also referenced the direction of Uncle’s road in the afterlife. She had not meant to say it quite so loudly, thought it was going to be under her breath, but it had burst from her quite clearly and bounced around the hall until they had stood facing one another—mouths agape in surprise.

Not a proud moment—for which Lydia had immediately apologized. But she could not unsay the words. They were there, and any reasonable person would realize that it was a mere statement of frustration rather than a true desire to see him bathed in eternal fire.