Planting Weekend!

It is a long weekend in Canada. PLANTING WEEKEND... also known officially as Victoria Day Weekend. In honour of the occasion, I have pulled out some photos of flowers and gardens. See if you can guess where they were taken: country will do, but extra kudos if you can name the garden. I have included two of each place, one being a hint.

Do you want to know where these photos were taken? From the top left - Kew Gardens/hint- Buckingham Palace gate; Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen/hint-The Little Mermaid Statue; Villandry Garden, Loire Valley/hint-a chateau... and me; Versaille Gardens, outside Paris/hint - part of the chateau; Griffin's Pond, Halifax Public Gardens/hint - iconic bandstand; the last would be impossible to guess as it was a garden in a house we were touring in Seville, Spain-but the wall of bougainvillea was gorgeous!/ hint - not likely much help but a pretty photo of Giralda, the bell tower of the Seville Cathedral.